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What is Cloud Computing?

The term “cloud computing” is an imaginative way of describing the remote hardware resources that serve the vast worldwide range of applications. This huge global cloud network gives businesses a tremendous versatility in how and where they work.

The cloud can be accessed over the internet from a web browser on or off site, which makes it ideal for doing business in an environment where mobiles are of rapidly increasing importance. Fast access to information no matter when and no matter where has become an essential for business efficiency and competitiveness.

Statistics show that the vast majority of UK companies use at least one cloud computing service. Frequently, this can include the essential requirement for the backup and recovery of company data.

Why use Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing makes it possible to access and communicate company information resources without having to be in the office to do so. It is no longer necessary to carry out business tasks from software downloaded on a physical computer or server located on company premises.  

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing by Renaissance

Hertfordshire-based Renaissance helps businesses reduce costs and work from anywhere with scalable cloud computing solutions.

Cloud computing for small business...

Cloud computing provides a host of benefits that enable your business to stay ahead of the game:


The opportunities to match your presence in the cloud to the way your business develops. You can expand or contract your requirements at will.


Cloud computing is made for a world where smartphones and tablets are increasingly vital for business. Material can be shown to customers at their offices, on a train or over a cappuccino at a café table.


Cloud computing allows members of your team to access company information at any given time and place, providing opportunities to collaborate effectively on projects.


Using cloud computing helps you to work both out of the office and out of office hours. This means you can coordinate your actions to different event schedules and time zones.

Cost efficiency

The need to invest in IT hardware is replaced by regular fixed subscription costs, thus assisting cash flow and financial forward planning.

Information control

Access to company data stored in the cloud reduces the need for information files to be emailed between project stakeholders, with the potential errors and mishaps this can cause.

Data security

Storing company information in the cloud can provide a vital and cost-effective failsafe support in case data saved on an in-house server is lost or compromised.

Competitive edge

Working with a reliable cloud services provider offers small businesses the technological assets and latest software updates that can put them on a level playing field with the computerization available to larger competitors.

About Our Company

 11 Microsoft qualified network engineers are directly employed full time by Renaissance.

All staff split their time equally between on site and off site work. While in the office these skilled staff answer the helpline calls if you have a problem.

We also have 3 software developers who add their considerable knowledge where required.

3 Admin staff complete the company profile.

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