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What is Remote Backup?

Faster internet and reduced storage prices has enabled cloud storage to be the preferred backup option for many businesses. It is a convenient and cost effective way of protecting information while ensuring easy access when required. Remote backup is one of the many benefits offered by cloud computing.

Charges start at just £15 per month for this service.

Renaissance backup your data every night using market leading services, encrypt it to keep it safe then  store it in two secure UK based data centres. We keep multiple copies of your data spanning several days and weeks to offer full flexibility when you need to recover data.

We can offer test restores and fully timed and documented disaster recovery plans using these solutions. 

Why use Remote Backups?

Safeguarding company data in remote storage facilities is a prudent method of protecting vital business assets. Every enterprise is fuelled by the information it creates and collects, affecting every aspect of its development. Losing information through in-house technical failures or other reasons can have devastating consequences on business operations and profitability.

Cloud services allow for the remote storage of data, providing reliable backup support for data saved on site, while making it easily accessible online from any mobile or desktop advice.  Cloud storage means that company files will be secured at a data centre in any worldwide location. Options such as offered by Microsoft for its Office 365 package will include a global range of data centres available to take a transfer of data in case any host centre is compromised, for instance by natural disasters.

Are Remote Backups secure?

Security of sensitive data is obviously of vital importance for any business, but the fact that major multi-national organisations use and trust cloud storage shows that initial concerns about this option are being overcome. Its support can be invaluable to businesses, ensuring peace of mind to management that loss of information files internally need not lead to a crisis.

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Remote Backups by Renaissance

Hertfordshire-based Renaissance helps businesses safeguard their data against accidental loss or theft through secure remote backups.

Remote Backup for small business...

Renaissance Computer Services has long-standing experience of cloud storage and remote storage of data options, and has been offering advice especially to businesses in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. Call us on 01923 690700 to discuss how to keep your business data safe and secure.

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 11 Microsoft qualified network engineers are directly employed full time by Renaissance.

All staff split their time equally between on site and off site work. While in the office these skilled staff answer the helpline calls if you have a problem.

We also have 3 software developers who add their considerable knowledge where required.

3 Admin staff complete the company profile.

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